The T.E.S.T. Team 303

FRC Team 303, from Bridgewater, New Jersey, competes in FIRST Mid-Atlantic Robotics events, as well as hosts several FIRST events throughout the year. Based out of Bridgewater-Raritan High School, the team participates in two kinds of robotics competitions each year- FRC and FTC.

About Us

FIRST  Stronghold

The FRC game for 2016 is called FIRST Stronghold. To win this game, robots must cross various defenses and shoot small gray balls, called boulders, into a tower. For bonus points, robots can suspend themselves from the tower, or traverse 4 of the 5 defenses, two times each. 

Twitchy- 2016

Sparky- 2015

Ugly Betty- 2014

FRC Kickoff In...









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